Martinis & Manicures


Ok – this is such a simple yet genius concept…give the ladies (and some gents) what they want…Martinis & Manicures at the same time!

The Beauty Bar on East 14th Street does just that! The Original Beauty Bar served it’s first cocktail in the spring of 1995 at the former “Thomas Beauty Salon”. Patrons now sit under the same chrome-domed hair dryers where blue-haired ladies were groomed and gossiped for decades.

Martinis and Manicures are  available at Beauty Bar everyday from 6pm to 11pm, Monday through Friday and from 7pm to 11pm Saturday and Sunday.

The price for a manicure is $10 and that includes a cocktail of your choice! That’s cheap for just a manicure – not to mention the martini! Talk about a great spot for a bachelorette or birthday party…note to self…



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