Get Pretty Organized…for the New Year!

Attn: men – this post is mostly relevant to readers who wear makeup or men who are sick of their girl’s GIGANTIC and MESSY makeup bag taking up half of your bathroom counter…

If you’re like me…your makeup bag looks like Sephora and Duane Reade threw up inside. I don’t have two items from the same makeup line, I don’t wear a lot of makeup so it lasts for years, and I get bored and buy new colors and keep the old ones as well  (just in case baby blue eye shadow comes back next Spring). Thus creating a mess of tons of stuff that I RARELY touch…

Enter Saks Fifth Avenue!

Clean out your cosmetics case at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Pretty Organized event. Bring your makeup to the store, where experts will show you what to keep, what to throw away, and what products are missing. Customers who make a $50 beauty purchase will receive a compartmentalized cosmetics bag to stay organized…sounds like a pretty good deal to me! 

Thursday, January 14 – Monday, January 18

611 Fifth Ave., at 50th St. (212-753-4000)

M–S (10–8), Su (noon–7)



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