Fig & Olive

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This was the first time that my company has given us the day off, which created such a gratitude from all of the employees that I wonder if maybe there was some method to their madness… :I

I enjoyed filling my long weekend with errands, activities and social outings. One dinner that I especially enjoyed was with my good friend at Fig & Olive. We wanted to eat in Meatpacking  because my hubby and my friend’s partner were having a business dinner together with a client at Scarpetta. We knew we would end up meeting up with them post-dinner, so we figured we save ourselves a cab and dine nearby (sadly, we couldn’t eat at another table at Scarpetta 🙂 )

Fig & Olive was not a disappointment, though! We didn’t make a reservation, but we were still able to be seated right away at one of the high tables in the windows – just as nice and less crowded than the dining room. The ambiance was nice – good lighting, lively music, nice crowd, good service.

Most importantly, our food was delicious. We tried different starters – I had ceviche while my friend had cheese & prosciutto. We both had the branzino as an entree with figs and a balsamic reduction…soooo good!

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised and will be returning…

420 West 13th Street
Between Ninth Ave.
& Washington St.


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