Time Warner ripped me off…and then tried to make it better…

I just got off the phone with Time Warneralways a fun time!

I called to complain because we added a home phone to our account and we thought we were getting the $99 Triple Play package that has been plastered all over the television. I wanted to add a home phone so that my mobile wasn’t my only source of communication in the case of an emergency

I went through the whole procedure of adding the service, going to Time Warner to pick up the phone to eliminate delivery and setup charges, and waiting a week for them to activate the service. We had a month of joy in watching the caller ID pop up on our television screen (typically our parents or cold-callers because our friends all call us on our mobiles). This joy came to a halt when we saw our first bill for the month! $180!

Anger, panic and an irrational hate came over me as I imagined all of the Time Warner employees laughing as they sent out the statements thinking they can conned me into paying DOUBLE what I had expected…no way…not this chica!

I called and complained to three different individuals as they passed me around from department to department – each time asking me to verify my phone number, name and address. I was very persuasive in my discussion – claiming that I had been misled and confused by false advertising. I also explained my frustration in thinking that they wouldn’t want to reward a customer, such as myself, who subscribes to all of their services! Apparently the $99 deal was only for NEW customers or customers who only had ONE service through Time Warner. Did you hear that in the tv commercials…cause I didn’t!

In the end, they granted me a deal for $119, Showtime for free for one year and a $30 reimbursement for my last billing cycle. I’m not 100% happy, but I feel validated…oh Time Warner…why?

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