MAC & Milk…giving Lincoln Center a run for its fashion…

Moving the fashion week tents even further uptown from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center seems to be encouraging some strong underground movement…Milk Studios has teamed up with MAC makeup to create MAC & Milk – an exclusive set of fashion shows during fashion week.

These shows differ from the traditional tents in a few VERY important ways: 1. the designers are CHOSEN, which creates a sense of exclusivity  2. the show is put on for the designer – free venue, free makeup – this takes away a HUGE investment for most designers who are struggling in the turbulent economy and 3. Milk Studios is downtown in the Meatpacking District where everyone in the fashion industry always wants to be – anything above Chelsea is considered the nose-bleed section.

The idea was the brainchild of Mazdack Rassi, the founder of Milk Studios, and Jenne Lombardo, from MAC, was thrilled to jump on board. The concept brings back the feeling of creative collaborations where it really is all about the art of fashion. “We’re MoMA, and the tents are the Met,” suggested Mr. Rassi “That’s the best way to put it. Or we’re like the New Museum.”

“I’m a chosen one!” exclaimed Tim Hamilton, who is showing his secondary Redux collection at Milk this season. “They approached us about doing something and were very flexible about the fees. They understand independent designers and how we need assistance. They’re very thoughtful.”

Young designer Matthew Ames is also returning to Milk for the second season. “It actually cost less than showing in my showroom because I still had to pay for production, sound, lighting, seating and all of those things that are provided by MAC and Milk,” he said.

This grateful and collaborative attitude along with the honor of being chosen, will likely create quite the stir for those behind the efforts to pump up Lincoln Center. MAC & Milk is even paying for BMWs to shuttle editors uptown, if need be…I’d just as soon stay downtown…Milk – it does fashion good

Watch a video of MAC & Milk here

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