Houston’s…because big is better sometimes…

During fashion week, the evenings tend to fill up with events, shows, dinners, and whole lotta other hoo-rah-rah…the only requirement I have is to at least be able to eat at a nice place with good food and drinks…

Tonight, we’re having dinner with my husband’s best friend and girlfriend at Houston’s on Park Avenue South & 27th Street. My husband’s best friend is also from Milan and is a very successful photographer and film director, so I was expecting him to suggest something molto $$$ with a lot of hype, but refreshingly, he just wants to go to Houston’s for some good steak and fish. done and done.

I like Houston’s – it reminds me of the restaurants I find in Pittsburgh. Though that may seem odd coming from someone who wines and dines at some of the best restaurants in NYC…I crave dinners like they offer at Houston’s sometimes. Its a large establishment with a large menu, big portions, big drinks…just the way the franchises do it in the ‘burgh!


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