Abe & Arthur’s

Tomorrow night, my hubby and I are having dinner with one of my bosses and his wife. We’re very close, so this dinner won’t be one of those awkward business dinners where the conversation has to remain on point and every drop of a fork makes you cringe…

DANGER: red food dye present!

One issue to consider in choosing the right restaurant is the fact that my boss’ wife has a very intense food allergy to Red Food Dye. I had NO IDEA how often red food dye is used in products that I have always thought were just naturally red…prosciutto, bacon, red meat, tomatoes – pretty much anything red is deathly dangerous for her! You can imagine what kind of limitations this puts on our typical restaurant choice = anything Italiano! She can eat Italian, of course, but it has to be a menu with some variety – fish tends to be safe.

So, in my brainstorm of restaurants, I thought of a spot that I have been wanting to try and have been reading about non-stop during fashion week: Abe & Arthur’s in the Meatpacking District.  Nicole Richie was there this week, Whitney Port, Charlotte Ronson, et all! The EMM Group is behind it (Tenjune)  and I have known Eugene Remm since his “early” days at Level V – at which he left some VERY bitter relationships…but c’est la business, right?!?!

Eugene Remm

In the same address, you used to find yourself between Nicky Hilton & Lenny Kravitz on the dance floor back when it was Lotus. But times have changed – models and bottles just don’t cut it anymore. You need models and a juicy burger made from a boutique meat blend. The EMM Group is focusing on the new form of partying that has been called gastrolounging, which combines all the gluttony of eating a large meal with the option to lounge it off in the basement after dessert.

Abe & Arthur's

Even though we may be like sardines with jet-set fashion types – I tend to end up in those circles more often than I like to admit – I think the food and ambiance will be good and entertaining for us – always good for a Thursday night dinner. I’m also glad I was able to get a reservation last minute during fashion week – Maialino made me pull out all of my reservation connections!


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