Tribeca Grand Hotel

Last Friday, I threw a birthday happy hour for my husband. He didn’t want anything too intense since I have planned quite the array of parties over the years for him – surprises, bands, hidden bars, dinner on the 44th floor of a building…this time, he just wanted to enjoy a low key time with his friends. I tried lots of bars – looking for the perfect spot for people to come and go, get drinks and food, and not have any fixed costs for the space or the number of people. It was tough, but the Tribeca Grand Hotel pulled through.

They were very generous with the space – they had a big corner saved for us with couches and bar access. We even had our own coat check. We were able to lounge, chat, drink and eat – and it ended up being one of our most successful birthday parties. He was able to enjoy all of his friends without any headaches. Even more impressively, I was able to enjoy myself without panicking about people not getting in, drinks not being paid for, or space being taken away.

There was even a DJ in our corner, which turned the area into a mini dance party at the end of the night.

The ONLY recommendation I could come up with for the Church Lounge is to turn the lights up a tad –  it was VERY dark in there! We could barely see one another, and once we had developed night vision, going outside to the street lights was a shock…

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