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What’s your Sleep Number???

I have always loved soft, plushy, fluffy beds with every extra bit of softness I could add – feather bed, pillow-top, down comforter, down pillows, body pillow…basically, I like to sleep in the clouds.

my ideal bed...

My husband, however, has lower back problems and grew up in Italy where beds tend to be a bit more board-like or tough…he could sleep on the floor if he wanted to… my nightmare!

my husband's ideal bed...

This causes a slight issue for us because my mattress is WAYYYY too soft for him – I feel awful hearing him suffer with back problems, but I also can’t sleep on anything too stiff. What to do???

We decided it was time for us to do something to fix this problem so that we could both sleep in peace and comfort, so we went to the Sleep Number store on 61st & 3rd Avenue. We had quite the experience of lying down on bed after bed while the salesperson helped us find the perfect mattress and get an idea of what our sleep numbers would be. I tended to float around the 45 area while my husband was closer to 65. The best part is that we can adjust our sides to be whatever number we want every night!

We will no longer suffer with sleepless nights, and we will likely be a lot happier to know that the other person is just as comfortable…how did married couples do it before Sleep Number mattresses?!?!?! 


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Jan 30 -31: Weekend Wrapup

Friday evening:

Drinks and Dinner at Chow Bar with my husband – started with a saketini and finished with a romantic toast of sake. I had tuna carpaccio and vegetables while he had calamari and steak – both of us left very happy and content.

We then headed over to Bowlmor Lanes on University and 13th Street to meet our friends for a friendly game of bowling. I, unfortunately, didn’t help my husband at all with our score – I like to blame it on a-a-a-a-al-co-hol and the fact that the only ball that fit my fingers weighed about 50 pounds! I nearly threw myself down the lane every time…


HAIR APPOINTMENT at the Whittemore House Salon! 3.5 hours of grooming and pampering with some of the coolest people I’ve met in awhile. The salon is amazing – from the warm welcome to the amazing massage when washing my hair to the cucumber water – I could have stayed for another 3.5 hours. I was lucky enough to have my color done by Larry, one of the owners, and he used an amazing “painting” technique that he is well-known for. He and his partner travel around the country training other salons in the technique – he’s considered a “hair guru” and I will be happy to only let him touch my locks from now on. Jamie cut my hair, and she added such amazing layers to create a healthier look that frames my face – I even trusted her to give me LONG BANGS and I love them! Very happy, definitely going back!

Dinner at Faustina at the Cooper Union Hotel for Family & Friends night. It’s always an honor to be invited to Scott Conant’s restaurant openings to have a chance to try the food and see the restaurant before the public is allowed. Faustina does not disappoint! The decor of the restaurant is perfect for the hotel. The small plates allow you to try lots of different things while still feeling content yet not stuffed in the end. They’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, which I think is amazing and opens Scott up to a new realm of dining. Faustina feels like it may turn into the next spot to dine for the young, jet-setters – and having the hotel rooms right upstairs makes it even easier!


After a busy and COLD weekend, my husband and I wanted to do something good for our bodies and minds – so we decided to try YOGA for the first time! We went to a yoga and pilates studio on 3rd Avenue between 17th & 18th Streets. The place was great – very zen. We didn’t realize that the class we went to was intermediate level yoga, but the instructor was so patient and sweet with us. I think we did pretty darn well considering we didn’t know any of the poses and the class was an HOUR AND A HALF of fluid movement through the poses. I thought I might die when I found myself standing on one foot with my other foot straight out in front of me holding my big toe with my other arm straight up in the air – forget about the breathing I was supposed to be focusing on! My husband was a whole other story… 🙂 In the end, we were so happy to have survived and the meditative portion at the end brought us down to a calm place we never reach post-running. We’re going to continue with the yoga on Sundays, but today I am feeling that darn pigeon pose!

We cooked dinner at home with my brother – we made polpette di zucchini (meatballs stuffed with zucchini). It was my first go at this recipe, so there were some hiccups – brother burning is hand on the pan, husband burning his elbow on another pan, me getting testy when my husband made a comment about my polpette not looking like the ones he’s used to in Italy. hahaha. In the end, we all thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, and I am confident I will only perfect it the next time I try. That’s my method of learning to cook – the first time is a trial and the second time I have it pretty down pat!

Wow – that was a full weekend now that I look at it…I hope you enjoy my weekend updates – I think this is the best way to sum it all up each Monday!

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$60 Massage? done.

Since my last massage – the couple’s massage I gifted my husband for Christmas – I have been longing to return to a spa…

What keeps me from the spa???


Enter…Asia Tui Na Wholeness: Tui na massage – $60 for 60 minutes!

Tui-Na is the traditional Chinese medical form of massage.  It can be done light- or deep-tissue-style.  It utilizes the teachings of Chi-Gong to combine pushing, rubbing, and tapping the body’s muscles, acupressure points and energy meridians. It can treat all manner of bodily ills and sicknesses. As Tui-Na sees it, this is accomplished by restoring the balance between your body’s Yin and Yang energies, which constitute all things.

The space is quiet and clean. The proof, though, is on the table.

37 E 28th St

between Madison and Park Aves

uite 800


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i’m gettin my hair did…

Daily Candy sent out a 25% discount for their readers to the Whittemore House Salon today…and I hopped right on that bandwagon! I don’t joke about a few things in life and two of those things are my hair and saving $$$… 🙂

I checked out the website for the Whittemore House, and it looks amazing! Honestly, the website lured me in even more than the discount!

I have been in desperate need of a highlight touch-up and a trim, but I have been debating on wanting some change so I’m hoping a new stylist will give me that va-va-voom I am looking for. (I am not going to tell my current hair stylist that I am going to cheat on him…it may only be one time! the guilt is killing me…) My husband requested (kindly) that I not change my color or my length, so the possibilities are limited…that is UNLESS I have an amazing colorist and stylist who can work some magic with the dimensions of color and layers!

Given the Bumble & Bumble background of the owners of the salon, I think I am in good hands (or scissors)…we shall see! 


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Beauty Jewel Spa

My husband will only say he loves a few things in his life…me :), his family, his closest friends…and massages.

His family tends to treat us to massages whenever we visit them in Italy. One Christmas, we spent an entire day at the Bormio Terme (spa) in Bormio, Italy while we were on a ski holiday. This experience changed my opinion on the necessity of spa treatments. I didn’t grow up going to the spa or getting frequent massages, so I didn’t feel that it was really something I needed. My opinion changed about half-way through the day when I was relaxing in a hot bath while overlooking the Alps in the background with aromas that made my lungs feel like they had never breathed in an ounce of pollution…I was won over…

I don’t spoil myself very often in NYC with pampering, but I did treat my husband and myself to a couple’s massage as one of my gifts to him for Christmas (I could have treated JUST him, but how would that have been fun :)). I booked a couple’s massage at Beauty Jewel Spa on West 4th Street. I had noticed it because it is directly across from my husband’s old apartment, so I knew it looked reasonably clean and nice.

The massage was $180 + gratuity, which seemed expensive to me but I definitely enjoyed it while I was being covered in oils with the sounds of exotic music transporting me from West 4th Street back to Bormio. We layed on beds with our heads close, but we didn’t say a single word to one another until the 60 minutes was up.


My husband’s shoulder and back felt better immediately afterwards and my skin was like velvet…I think we’ll be going back as soon as our Christmas bills have disappeared from our bank account.

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Madison Avenue Physical Rehab & Wellness

Yesterday, I made yet another milestone in my life – I had my first experience in REHAB…important to note that it was only physical rehabilitation, but I feel that it gives me some chutzpah in Hollywood! 

I had surgery on my wrist a couple weeks ago, and I need the rehab to break down the scar tissue and redevelop my range of motion…not quite like being locked up for weeks in some luxury resort in Arizona, but still…

I was referred to Madison Avenue Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness by my surgeon. It’s a very nice office on Madison & 39th, which makes it pretty easy for me to get to after work. The staff is very nice – they must do a lot of yoga or relaxation techniques because they were all high on life last night while I was dead tired from work and life – it has to be that or they all spend some time in AZ “training” with the celebrities…

My therapist was very sweet and she made me very comfortable through the hour-long procedure. We dipped my hand in wax and let it sit in a hot pad, massaged scar tissue that has formed into a bump with lotion (this was very uncomfortable on my scar, but she was a gentle as she could be), and then use some sort of an electric shock therapy where my arm looked like it was being jump-started! The last portion was definitely an odd experience – I could feel the electric current entering my wrist, running down my arm, and exiting at the other patch near my elbow…she told me it is similar to putting my arm in a microwave – but I don’ t think I will try that at home.

I have to go two to three times a week for six weeks – they’re very flexible with appointments and they act like you’re part of their family once you walk in. I was very happy with my first experience at rehab…but I’d like to keep it on Madison Avenue and on an hourly basis…no “staycations” for me!


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