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Buon compleanno amore…

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. Even though I planned a party last Friday for him, I couldn’t leave his actual birthday without some fun and surprises! So, I planned to meet up with his two best friends (they all moved from Milan to NYC together – childhood friends). My husband was suspicious when I met up with him because I was being strange with my excitement, but he couldn’t have been happier with how his birthday evening went.

We went to Soho House to get a drink together and waited (him not knowing that we were waiting) for his friends and their girlfriends to meet us. When they showed up, after all of the hugs and kisses and excitement, we toasted with some champagne. We only stayed there for about an hour and then we headed over to Scarpetta for our dinner reservation.

This portion of the evening was full of delicious Italian dishes, amazing red wine, complimentary prosecco, sweets, laughter and fun. I honestly have never had a disappointing meal at Scarpetta and my husband loves Scott Conant’s cooking. To have three Italian men as happy as they were last night shows that Scott is doing the Italian thing right.

After dinner, we wanted to meet up with another friend somewhere closer to home. So, we headed to Pete’s Tavern for one last toast before heading home. A great birthday for mi amore

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Faustina @ the Cooper Hotel

If you’ve been to Scarpetta and tried Scott Conant’s food, you’re going to want to try his new restaurant opening next week in the Cooper Square HotelFaustina!

Promised to have the same modern and simple ambiance and (more importantly) the  same delicious Italian dishes as Scott’s other restaurants. Faustina is named after the Roman empress whose monument is the only building inside the Roman Forum dedicated to a woman. The restaurant reflects chef Scott Conant’s simple, soulful approach to Italian cuisine coupled with his knack for pairing the casual with the refined.

They’re already accepting reservations on OpenTable – but expect to be angled more toward the 6:30 or 9:30 time slots. It’s Scott Conant…what do you expect?!?!?

I’ll be trying Faustina with my husband – Scarpetta is his favorite Italian restaurant in NYC – which is not an easy accomplishment…

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Fig & Olive

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This was the first time that my company has given us the day off, which created such a gratitude from all of the employees that I wonder if maybe there was some method to their madness… :I

I enjoyed filling my long weekend with errands, activities and social outings. One dinner that I especially enjoyed was with my good friend at Fig & Olive. We wanted to eat in Meatpacking  because my hubby and my friend’s partner were having a business dinner together with a client at Scarpetta. We knew we would end up meeting up with them post-dinner, so we figured we save ourselves a cab and dine nearby (sadly, we couldn’t eat at another table at Scarpetta 🙂 )

Fig & Olive was not a disappointment, though! We didn’t make a reservation, but we were still able to be seated right away at one of the high tables in the windows – just as nice and less crowded than the dining room. The ambiance was nice – good lighting, lively music, nice crowd, good service.

Most importantly, our food was delicious. We tried different starters – I had ceviche while my friend had cheese & prosciutto. We both had the branzino as an entree with figs and a balsamic reduction…soooo good!

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised and will be returning…

420 West 13th Street
Between Ninth Ave.
& Washington St.

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