nyc sunflower


I am a young female living and working in NYC. I have lived all over the world, but I also appreciate the Pittsburgh girl I am at heart. I am the sixth of seven children, so I love to tell stories and entertain others…hence, the blog.

I recently married the love of my life, mi amore! He is the stereotypical charming Italian man that every girl dreams of, but he is anything but sterotypical to me! We love building our life together in NYC from owning our first apartment to building our careers in this crazy metropolis – all while still enjoying zipping around on the Vespa and meeting friends for saketinis!

I look forward to sharing the oddities of my every life with all of you…


alexismonte carlo_2

3 responses to “nyc sunflower

  1. Mom

    I like this. Looks modern but the feel is friendly.

  2. Salster

    I read the whole blog start to finish and loved it!! I wish you could be back in the Burg to give us the very needed restaurant advice for around here.

    You never cease to amaze me!!

    Love you tons!!

    • alexismaida

      Thanks, Sal! I’m trying to put the blog in a more general direction – to meet the needs of people like myself in all areas – so I’m gonna start branching out from the restaurants. BUT, everyone could use some good information on restaurants – especially in a city like NYC where the restaurants are constantly changing.

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