Club owners shouldn’t open restaurants…

So…last night we ate at Abe & Arthur’s and it was quite an experience. The food was good, the design of the space was nice, but that was ALL that was good about this place.

James van der Beek

Let me list the disappointments:

  • there was already a crowded bar when we arrived at 6:45pm without any place to sit
  • waitress was bitter at the world and was hustling us the entire evening
  • checking our coats was a HUGE mistake – they couldn’t find my boss’ wife’s bag for 20 minutes and we were being pushed by a huge crowd trying to be seated, get their coats, or check their coats. One of the hostesses actually got loud and asked for a security guard when my husband requested that they let him look for the bag.
  • James van der Beek was waiting with us at the coat check – I haven’t seen him since he was kissing Katie Holmes in Dawson’s Creek
  • some moronic investment banker was screaming at the coat check girls above my head with the most annoying shriek of a laugh I have ever heard
  • we couldn’t make our way to the front door because the bar area was a messy club scene
  • I lost my voice trying to speak over the loudness in the dining room
  • there was a BOUNCER at the door when we were leaving – honestly?!?!?
  • last but CERTAINLY not least – there was a girl from the Jersey Shore waiting to get in when we were leaving…never did I think I would be at the same place as someone from that show…

Jersey Shore cast

My conclusion…EMM Group should stick to clubs!


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